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It was short, and I was hoping the girl would be alive, but I LOVED that you placed EDD in there - maybe as a tribute to the fallen animator? anyway, loved it man.

See, now this is how an an animation should be done. Even in two days, you have created a masterpiece. Weell done.

I usually don't go for dystopian storylines, because they often more than not make me feel like there is something lacking; like cheap popcorn at a dollar theatre. However, you took a topic which has been used since the 1970's and make it look unique and horrifyingly beautiful. This movie gets two thumbs way up from me.
On that note, may I point out that you may want to reconsider the rating for this movie. As much as i enjoyed it, I think it may be a little too exposing for a teen audience. I would suggest having the rating changed to Mature, due to the graphic nature and subtextual inuendo in this movie. This is the kind of thing I would imagine seeing on the Sundance Channel or IFC, not at primetime on Cartoon Network, so consider giving your movie the credit it deserves by giving it the appropriate rating.

Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this film and hope to see more edgy projects from you in the future.

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Ahhh, man. I am so addicted to this game.
Also, my rotation at 700 patience/Stress 60: Money 2, Fire 2, Chain 2, Water 2, Combo 3, Owned, Cheerleader 1, Combo 3, Cheerleader 2, Fire 2, Chain 2, Crit 2, Gate of Hell.
Combo = 11,457 points

This is a good game, and I like it a lot. the reason I gave it a 3.5 is only because I played it for three hours and got bored. But it really is fun.

It was

decent, but it would have been better if you had made it impossible to remove the cursor from the screen. Had a bit of trouble trying to dodge and hit the enemy ships without going off screen.

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This is a theoretical blowjob for my eardrums!

I just lost all my bowels on the first draw in. Sickness beyond jupiter, man!

Omg, it feels like I am just too close to love you!

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Very good art, my good sir. I love that you show the female body in a realistic fashion, instead of using large breasted whores who have all kinds of things shoved into themselves. This is truly beautiful.

. . .

Is one of the monkeys crying? The one that is in the left hand corner seems sad..

Manguinha responds:

wrong, is two of the monkey cryng.... the number 37° too.


marry me

One little fact: I will probably blam your game, or give it a low score, cuz I'm a hard to please motherf***er. It's nothing personal to you, I just find most games to be repetitive and idiotic, with no real worth. I will rarely give a 4, and no 5's.

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